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Brave New World

Obtained from:  Amazon on September 10, 2012
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Author:                 Aldous Huxley
Genre:                  Science Fiction Dystopian
Format:                Kindle
Reviewer:            Charlie Kravetz
Stars:                  4/5

This review is for the Kindle edition ebook.

A life without suffering, crime, or choices. A utopia for many, a prison for a few.

Life in the future could be very different from what we know today. Must pain, suffering, and struggles continue, or could they be eliminated for the majority of people? In this book, the author gives a glimpse of what life would like without choice or suffering. It is also a glimpse of genetic engineering and psychological brain-washing can accomplish.

I liked this book. It almost gives the reader future glimpses of the world. When written, the genetic modifications and engineering we see today did not exist. In today’s world, some of what is shown is actually possible. While a world without pain, suffering, and war would be a goal for some, perhaps without those things, humans could not become the unique beings we are today. I found some of the discussion too lengthy and repeated too many times.

Through the eyes of the Savage, Aldous Huxley gives the reader a glimpse of what the future could hold. Perhaps our politicians should read this book, to avoid the pitfalls of Brave New World. The thought of a world without choice is a scary thought to this reader.

Science Fiction and Dystopian readers will enjoy this book. The comparison of this and some of the other great classics of science fiction will give readers food for thought. I will be looking at this authors other books myself.