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The Unintentional Jihadi

Title: The Unintentional Jihadi
Obtained from Amazon on October 12, 2012
Author: Ian Stewart
Genre: Mystery Fiction
Format: Kindle
Reviewer: Charlie Kravetz

Stars: 4/5

A real gem of a mystery!

A newspaper man, a little lie, a big problem! Mystery, intrigue, wonders of Asia all rolled into a great story. When the fabricated story goes wrong, it really goes wrong for our reporter. He is kidnapped, taken across country borders without a passport, almost murdered, and yet survives.

I like this book. This story is well-paced, exciting, with enough detail to make it almost believable. The way the reporter is treated may seem inhumane to some who have never experienced other cultures and countries. To me, it fits well with the culture and customs I experienced when in Thailand and South Korea. I am very happy I had the chance to read this book. It is a well thought out plot, not impossible as some fiction is, yet not so close to the truth that the reader can not enjoy the story. There were times when I thought the author went into too much description. However, I never got so involved in descriptions as to lose the story itself.

I believe the author was able to show some of the work of the terrorist group. He has also allowed the reader to experience some of the joys and wonders of Malaysia and Singapore without which the book would not be as good. This is an exciting story, which you will read to the end, and still allows the imagination to continue the “what if” lines after completing it.

I would recommend this to those who have traveled outside the United States, as well as to those who enjoy a good mystery. The twists and turns of the plot will keep the reader guessing at what will happen next. I will be looking forward to reading other books by this author.

Uneasy Street

Title: Uneasy Street
Obtained from: Amazon on April 29, 2012
Author: Wade Miller
Genre: Fiction –> Literature
Format: Kindle
Reviewer: Charlie Kravetz

Stars: 4 out of 5

Original copyright 1948

A good detective story, apparently a series with Deadly Murder by Wade Miller. This book was originally copyrighted in 1948. That is not to say there is anything wrong with the story. It is a very good story. It builds using the same Detective/Lieutenant Capp that is in Deadly Murder. It’s great to see a second book with this character. I wish the books were listed as a series, though.

Wade has done a great job giving us another detective story. The story takes place in the original time frame, which is the 1930’s or 1940’s. The cars still have starter buttons, instead of start on the ignition. Until I discovered the original copyright, I was wondering why the descriptions of some items appeared to be so old. I imagine they were current during the author’s lifetime.

This book has it’s fair share of twisted plot moves and strange characters. There are times that I did not want to set down my kindle, and other times when the plot moves slower. This makes reading the book easier for me, since there are times I don’t mind taking a break. At the same time, those breaks were few and far between.

For those who enjoy a good mystery/detective story, this book fills the mission. For those old enough to remember a time when cars had push button starters and most people smoked, this book will be an enjoyable trip down memory lane. For those too young to remember push button starters, this book may confuse more than entertain.