Hipstopia (The Uprising Book 1)


Obtained from:  Amazon on June 26, 2014
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Author:         R. A. Desilets
Genre:          Science Fiction – Dystopian
Format:         Kindle
Reviewer:       Charlie Kravetz
Stars:          5/5

This review is for the Kindle edition ebook.

Freedom, excitement, teenagers, and then throw in the loaded gun.

An uprising in Los Angeles three years ago lead to big changes. Now Hipstopia is changing, and not just for the better. The quieters must try and keep the uprisings down. Of course, Jay did not know the gun was loaded.

This is a short story, which is a bit of coming of age, a bit of science fiction, a bit of dystopia. It all fits together very well, and gives the reader a glimpse into what could be. While I had a couple of questions when reading this book, they were answered by the end.

Sometimes stories come from ideas that the author has. Sometimes stories come from an otherwise innocent joke. This story came about because once the seed was planted in the authors head, she could not let it go.

I can easily recommend this story to those who like novellas. If you enjoy coming of age, you want to read this one. It is short enough to read a chapter on the bus or train to and from work. I had a few extra hours on my hands, and chose to read it in a day. Being honest, I read it twice, and it may have take two days the first time. I have grabbed the next book in this series.