Honor’s Heir (Erdemen Honor #3)


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Author:         C. J. Brightley
Genre:          Science Fiction - Fantasy
Format:         Kindle
Reviewer:       Charlie Kravetz
Stars:          5/5

This review is for the Kindle edition ebook.

Fantasy at its finest, something different for those that discover it.

The third book of the Erdemen Honor series, this is the story of how General Sendoa trained Elathlo, heir to the Tarvil throne. If the trainee can learn to face his fears, and trust Kemen, he could be the key to blocking a plot to overthrow the King of Erdemen.

As in the other books of this series, we see the flow of the story as it happens. The authors style of letting first one person then another narrate works smoothly, and allows the reader to see different points of view for what is happening. I do like this style that this author uses, and find the different viewpoints fascinating. I really have enjoyed this coming of age series, more than I thought I would.

I believe C. J. Brightley writes to entertain the reader. Her writing style is very entertaining, and as an independent author, she insures her books continue to grab the readers interest. It kept my attention riveted, something few books today can do.

I can easily recommend this book to all science fiction and fantasy readers. I think you will find it is something different, something outside the standard fantasy field. I look forward to more stories from this author.