Internet Spy / The Internet Incident


Obtained from:  Amazon on May 13, 2014
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Author:         Ian Probert
Genre:          Mystery - YA
Format:         Kindle
Reviewer:       Charlie Kravetz
Stars:          4/5

This review is for the Kindle edition ebook.

A very good book for those getting started using computers.

This story is narrated by a 14-year-old. It is the story of how German hackers were able to gain access to information in United States computers. It is dated, written in 1995, when personal computers, viruses, and malware were not as established as today.

This book does an excellent job discussing the dangers of hacking computers. It also exposes the reader to the possibilities of foreign governments interested in getting information. The reader that is just getting started using computers will find this an exciting story, with good action and danger sequences.

While this is a fictional account of espionage, it does give the reader opportunity to imagine what could happen from misuse of a computer. Ian Probert does a good job examining the consequences of hacking when learning to use a computer. This book will not teach anyone how to hack, but they could learn the inherent dangers of hacking the government computers.

Young adults getting started with computers will enjoy this story. Of course, those who know computers will also have fun reading this one, as well as the readers that like a spy story. I will be reading more books by this author.