A Life of Death: Episode 2


Obtained from:  Amazon on March 17, 2014
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Author:         Weston Kincade
Genre:          Fiction – YA
Format:         Kindle
Reviewer:       Charlie Kravetz
Stars:          5/5

This review is for the Kindle edition ebook.

Disclosure: I was requested by the author to give an honest review of this book.

Mystery, abuse, courage, and suspense all need to come together to make this coming of age story work.

Part 2 of 12 parts, this continues the story of Alex. His visions starting to really worry him, he is able to verify some of the visions through information from the Historical Society.

This is working up to be a very good series. Our hero is now starting to explain to others what he sees in visions. Explaining anything to trusted friends and adults can be difficult at best. Trying to explain something that can not be readily verified is frightening at best, even for adults. I am pleased to see the author attempting to tackle this difficult subject. I am disappointed that the author and publisher decided to break this into 12 separate books. At the same time, I am conflicted by this style of publishing. It is not that different from a trilogy or any other series.

While Weston Kincade does write to entertain the reader, and succeeds at that goal, he has other motives. He tries to give a touch of guidance to teenagers and parents struggling to understand the issues they are going through. Sometimes, we, as humans, can identify with a character and it will help us get life right today.

I can easily recommend this series to teenagers and their parents. We are all different, and for some, this series will simply be great entertainment. For others, it may serve to remind them they are not alone. I would hope the remaining books in this series are as good as this first two. I will continue reading this series.